Renault F1 sings a song along with some others


Every car should be able to sing!

Formula One car screams a tune
Fi Singing National Anthem

Not only should they be able to play a tune but they should be able to rev so high that you think it is someone screaming for their life 😛

So you have to wonder with how much time and money that is invested in these Formula 1 cars, how do they have time to make the engines sing?

I mean does this come down from the top that you guys in the garage should be making the engines sing a popular or epic tune?

Or do the mechanics get so bored during the late nights that they have to do something to stay awake and have fun?

So if you are any bit in the loop on Formula 1 and how insanely delicate these engines can be then you really have to wonder WTH!

I mean some of these engines have to have heated water pumped into the sitting engine as they are in a seized state at rest. The heated coolant actually makes the cylinders expand so the pistons that are at such a close clearance become a Zero clearance at room temperature 😯

OK, now that you know a minimum of what some F1 engines are built like you should be able to think that you cannot just hit the start button and play around! Everything pretty much needs a team or pit crew just to start one of these engines. Not to mention someone sitting behind a keyboard and sequencing in an RPM range that corresponds to musical notes.

Yeah, so you are dealing with 100 thousand dollar engines along with high paid teams all of a sudden playing songs?

Anyway, for the last video, this engine is just showing off heating the Titanium headers up to almost White Hot reaching a 19,000 RPM scream!

Oh and I woulda tapped the guy on the shoulder to get him out of the video shot if it was me 🙁

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