RA III GTO Judge Rolling Burnout


RA III GTO Judge Rolling Burnout

GTO Lighting them up
RA III GTO Judge Rolling Burnout

The Perfect RA III GTO Judge Rolling Burnout! This car was taken from a used car lot in horrible condition and rebuilt with all NOS parts. Now sporting Carousel Red pain with a White Interior and it’s a 4 speed car to boot!  It now has a RAIV cam in the original RAIII engine.

This car is one of the nicest restored cars that I have seen that came from the dealership I buy cars from. It started as car in dire need of attention but, came with all NOS sheet metal that needed to be put on. Suck things as Quarter so that lets you know how bad this car was in the first place when it was discovered.

The guy who bought it did a beyond impeccable job on the restoration of this car. He then went one step further with the addition of a RA IV cam that gave the car an incredible idle lope. As you can see it has the power to back it up 🙂

Perfect GTO
Backing Out
I wish I had been around when this car was on the lot and had a video camera at the time. However it was decades ago now and I probably wouldn’t have bothered because the car was in such bad shape and I am not a Pontiac fan. Don’t get me wrong I would love to have this car but at the time I was either a hard core Chevy guy or I may have had my ’71 RT 440 Challenger at the time making me a Mopar fan. Still love the Mopars but, the price is beyond me being able to pick one up anymore to use my last 440 in 🙁

GTO Judge 1st to 2nd gear rolling burnout…
RA III GTO Judge Rolling Burnout


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