Quickest Rolling Coal


Some quick Coal!

Quickest Rolling Coal is a combination of 200psi boost that can make a Diesel Dragster trap over 200 miles per hour! Now that is rolling coal if there ever was any!

So this is Top Diesel at the NHRDA World Finals where the quickest and fastest have come to set records and stake their claims.

Roll Coal
Quickest Fastest

So check out the Diesel Funny Cars or the Top Diesel Dragsters that are pushing 200 pounds of boost to make well over 2500 to 3000 Horsepower out of these engines.

Not sure if they ever really get a chance to put down all the power they can potentially make on a dyno just to see what kind of torque they are making. It would be interesting to see as the boost pressure has to go down as the RPM go’s up?

I would also love to see the internals in one of these engines. Crankshaft possibly could be stock but, I am doubting that. The connecting rods should be rather huge too. Then one to really see, the pistons! How heavy could they be as they are going double the speed that they would be in stock form. However, they are going to have to withstand 200 pounds per square inch of boost so they have to be substantial to hold up. Even if it is just for 6 some odd seconds at full boost.

They do have composite pistons that are both Aluminum and Steel! A bit of a shocker when I found them but, not sure if they are for racing or general road use too?

Composite piston
2 piece piston
Racing Diesel
Lightweight Piston
Racing pistons
Set of aftermarket pistons

The connecting rods are almost exactly what I thought they would be. Besides being huge they have some interesting ways to fit the cap to the rod itself. The amount of compression and stretch they must go through with the weight of the heavy pistons even if they are only pushing 4 to 5000 rpm is still substantial.

Heavy rods
Diesel racing rod
Racing rods
As the name says

I would love to see into the injector pumps but, that is most likely top secret 🙁

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