Quads and Snowmobiles at Island


Why does it seem like it is only Island Dragway that has multiple things like this Drag Racing 😕

I have seen Snowmobiles making runs at Englishtown and Island before. However this day they also had Quads and Snowmobiles at Island with the original 2 stoke Banshee engines to 4 cylinder Street Bike engines in them!

Street Bike Powered
4 Cylinder Quad

So if was almost a killer day there except for the car I showed up with only making one run for the day. That and only having a Note3 Cell Phone to take videos with making it a pain for me.

Aside from that the Quads started to put in at the pits beside us at the end of the track. So I was thinking I would be seeing some real fast and interesting stuff today possibly? Wrong as far as I can tell as the Quads all ran NO time passes. That way you could not see if they where making any decent times. I would have definitely liked to see what the Banshee was able to pull in the quarter mile.

Yes it had straight pipes so that is not something I would wind up seeing on the Banshee’s I see off road on the trails. However it would give you an idea of what those things are capable of with a tune so to speak 😛

4 Cylinder Sled

The Yamaha Snowmobile had a 4 cylinder engine that looked like it was a factory deal? It was dead quiet so it seemed like it could have been stock engine wise. Aside from having a Slick Track and short wheels ski’s replacing the snow ski’s it seemed stock?

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