Pro Street 2nd Gen Camaro


Pro Street 2nd Gen Camaro

Not sure what exact year it is but someone must really like it to Pro Street it.

All I know is I was told not to choose this as a car to race because they weigh too much to make them competitive. That and now on YouTube somebody’s arguing with me that this is not a second-generation Camaro. I’m not an expert at Camaros but, I do know this isn’t a third-generation and definitely not a first. So I don’t know what he thinks he is talking about?

YouTube people are idiots at times
The want to be Pro Street look 2nd Gen Camaro that everyone argued it being a 3rd Gen on YouTube

I do believe the idiot thought the 1967 was a 1st Gen and the 1968,69 was a 2nd Gen in his odd way of thinking what generation is what? Making this 70 to 81 series a 3rd Gen in his eyes 🙄

Kind of holds to the point that I am not a fan of Camaro people. Don’t say I’m a hater or anything as I did trade my ’71 SS Clone ElCamino for a ’69 Base 307 Camaro with Manual Discs up front and Power steering. Had a TH350 and was pretty slow with the 307 but, the car was absolutely rust free so I couldn’t say no to a trade since the ElCamino had some rough body work back in the day.
Collection of Odd Cars
Only pic I have handy of my ’71 SS Clone ElCamino

I had an odd collection of cars almost 2 decades ago but, hey I had pretty much everything covered if I wanted to go to any shows. No one would buy the ElCamino off me for some reason until I was told someone’s father wanted to trade me his 1969 Camaro for it! I ignored it until he came back and said my father wants your ElCamino so are you interested or what? In the end I got well over 10 grand for the Camaro when I sold it so it was my nest trade ever!

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