Pontiac Fail or GTO Fail?


At a typical car event there is always somebody that has to prove that they either have more power or less brains than everybody else 😕

GTO Crash
GTO Crash

Not that all Pontiac drivers are this bad but Pontiac did get shut down and it makes you wonder just why that is? OK OK Oldsmobile went under first but then again who was really buying them in the later years. Mostly older drivers and GM saw it as not a big loss. Buick is way popular in China for some ungodly reason so that protected it. So even though Firebird/Trans Am was the saving grace for Pontiac people, the F Body was out of production at that point in time.

I do remember them wanting to bring the Elcamino back using a Pontiac platform in using an Australian Ute platform. However it was not to be as Pontiac got the Axe and no GTO was ever to be built again 🙁

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