Plow Damage to my Road


Plow Damage to my Road
Watched plows plowing my road day before during big snow Vortex the News has been claiming is hitting the East Coast.

Then go out to shovel my driveway the next day and see huge pot holes where the plow ripped through the street multiple time 😕 Not sure how a Plow is able to go completely through the roadway in the cold what it is frozen like that. Then chew it’s way all the way into the rocks that form the roadbed underneath 😯

You know the next snow that the plows are going to hit this and make it 2 or 3 times worse. Then of course it is not going to be fixed until spring and this is right in front of my driveway so I will be stuck backing over this every time I get home now 🙁 Don’t want to complain since they are doing their job but jeez now I’m gonna be screwed every time I back into my driveway 🙄

Well update as it is March 7 and the road has been fixed. Amazingly that fixed it with spray patch of all things 😯 Problem is it is kinda soft. So when I have to drive over it to back into my driveway I can see my tires putting marks on the macadam 🙁 So I am not thinking it is going to last all that long during the summer when the Sun is beating down on it and heating it up. Then it will be even softer than it is now and most likely get deep ruts into it. With my low profile tires I know it is going to annoy me as I drive over it ever time I leave or come home. I am thinking my entire street needs to be repaved now from this fiasco

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