Plane Crash on Drag Strip in use!


Yes you read it right an airplane crashed on dragstrip that was just about to have a race ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Plane Crash
Plane Crash

This just so happened to be at the right time with cameras running at a race in Iceland. So imagine being strapped into your truck ready to make a run down the quarter-mile and an airplane (Beechcraft Super King Air 200 Air Ambulance) flies overhead and crashes onto the dragstrip right in front of you ๐Ÿ˜•

Not only that but I do not think the race track and emergency people were really expecting this that day! However at least there was highly trained medical people there, unfortunately there was no use as you can tell no one would have survived the impact ๐Ÿ™

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  1. karl knudson

    damit my brother was killed when his plane crashed into a construction yard ,a video cam caught it on tape ,it is on youtube under ken knudson plane crash, i think his business partner sabotashed the plane , because he gave me money for to buy that roadrunner i was yaking about earlier, they were into debt deep at the time , he built a chain of hotels called sybaris club international , they were like 13million in debt , he gave me 10,000 to buy the road runner,and we spent another 8800 in parts restoring it, his partner thought he was crazy,buying a old plymouth , a waste of good money ,he thought, then i got shot in a robery attempt in my garage at home , i beat the guys ass ,took away the gun, then went to hospital they found some amphetamene on me ,i went to prison for 2 years i got out finished the car up, sold it oin 1 week to joe amato his par was

  2. karl knudson

    his partner was shocked as all hell couldnt believe i got 43,500 in the middle of a depression of our government crashed dollar time like 2007 ,ken was killed in jan of 06, fck i miss him so much ,the koolest brother anyone could of ever had, when i was 16 he went out bought a kawasaki 900 we took it home got a header .bore kit ,cams ,went to drag strip ,he put me on it ,said go lay sokme rubber bro. i was in heaven, 16 yr old drag racing a new 900 kawasaki in 1974 , they just came out with the bike the year before . those were good times ,he had 12 karate schools in chicago area, i helped him build them. he was on the cover black belt magazine 2 times champion more times than i could count, then sold dojos and built these hotels, last year they grossed 12 mil ,net 800,000 ,me and mom have 10% we dont get shit frm this jackass he is tightwit da doe

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