Panzer Tank Engine Bike?


Panzer Tank Engine Bike?

I have seen Radial powered motorcycles before. Even BIG radial engine powered bikes but this one is getting a bit past the ridiculous point?

Tank Engine Bike
Tank Bike

Besides the Ape Hangers from Hell handle bars to get over the engine I am still trying to figure out what the passenger in the sidecar spot is doing with a steering wheel?

That and lets think about this thing for a bit. #1 who has a spare Panzer tank to cut up for parts and screw around with? I mean aren’t all of them either in Museums or in collections by now ๐Ÿ˜•

Then say you have a Panzer sitting around for some reason. What on earth would ever make you decide that you need to make a motorcycle of some kind out of it. Or some form of motorcycle 3 wheeler creation. Monster Garage stopped showing years ago if that is what got into the builders head.

You set up your shop to build a creation such as this then. It is not quite something you can build on you own. Sure design wise you can but, it is a bit large to build completely on your own.

We then come to the point of wondering what this creation is supposed to be for? It is not something that you can go out for a Sunday ride on that is for sure. Even if it is for parade use, what kind of Parade are you going to be using this thing for! Seriously what kind of parade or event would you be building a Panzer powered three wheeler for.

Then with the event that this thing is at it does not even seem to be very usable as a vehicle in the first place. So you know it gets not kind of mileage what so ever. Is to big to just park in the corner of the garage.

What would you use this thing for ๐Ÿ˜•

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  1. That’s not a radial, the guy in the sidecar is using his wheel to steer his own tire. Ya build stuff like this because its fun.

    • I know it is not a Radial, I posted that more as I have seen things as odd as Radial powered Bikes. Panzer powered one is just a bit over the top as far as I’m concerned.

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