Old vid of Stock WRX in 12’s


12 second untuned

Old vid of Stock WRX in 12’s as in the title this is an old vid compilation of my stock engine untuned 2.0 WRX.

These runs were made on Pump gas with the AC on and even has catalytic converter with stock iron exhaust manifold and up pipe running to the stock turbo!

WRX Pump Gas 12's
Untuned WRX running 12’s at Raceway Park

Only mods on vehicle at the time of this run were FMIC, 3″ APS Exhaust with Cat and a APS intake. Aside from that it was full weight 3480 pounds running on Nitto Neo-Gens on 17″ Konig Glides. Heavy rim to be drag racing with along with Mud and Snow tires but it did get enough traction to break both back axles on one launch later that year. Also the best 60′ was a 1.6 so not to shabby.

It was running a stock clutch with around 40,000 miles on it doing these times. It was also using the stock 2002 JDM STi transmission. I tried a USDM transmission at one point after I hurt the JDM transmission but, the gap from 4 to 5th made the 2.0 almost un-drivable. How did I hurt a 6 speed STi transmission you may wonder? Flat foot shifting trying to get every hundredth out of the car. That and trying to break 110mph trap with an untuned car was the other reason at the time I was beating it so hard.

All the Flat Footing eventually hurt the 5th syncro to the point it had to be double clutched to get it into 5th. By the time you got it into 5th I was already threw the traps so thats why I tried the USDM trans.

12 second WRX
Stock Runs 12’s
Also do not know how the engine shot from another car wound up in the vid? Also the person taking the vid was obviously off his Meds or something that day?

Also the pics of the car on a trailer are because the new gas in NJ ate the sock on the fuel pump. So the pump could not make any fuel pressure and I had to have to car towed before I figured that out 🙁

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