Obama being called out by Man who claims to have had sex with him!


Not only Sex but, Drugs too!

This man who has claimed to have served time and changed his name in the past claims to have not only had sexual congress with Obama but, also done some serious drugs with him too!

While the claims that this man is claiming would seem to be something that we all wish had been released before he was ever elected.

I am not claiming for any of this to be real in any way shape or form but, this guy is laying out some very serious claims! That and if any of this would wind up being true what would it mean to any of the things that the President has done while in office?

Most likely nothing because it would really be a shot in the Eye for everyone involved as that would have been one of the biggest scams in US history!

Again I am not saying I know any of this as truthful at all. I am just posting what I have seen on YouTube from this man who is allegedly been killed for leaking this information. He is also claiming that John Rivers was killed for leaking this same information that he has put out in the video.

Now there is this second video that is claiming the daughter of Barak and Michelle Obama. It is claiming that the children have no records of being born to the Obamas and the there are no pictures of Michelle Obama pregnant or holding children in the past?

Once again I have not researched this nor am I going to try to get into the argument that these 2 videos will be bringing. I find it hilarious in every way shape and form just because it is way to late for it to really make a difference anyway. Bet ya Donald Trump had this information when Obama was running?!

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