Not only Towed for Stance and now for sale!


To Stance or not to Stance

Not only Towed for Stance and now for sale but, why would someone sell a car they put so much effort into? I am not into Stanced cars but still why sell it?

I have seen plenty of stance cars driving around New Jersey already with none of them being pulled over or towed, however.

So why this Scion was towed is beyond me for the most part. Are there laws where it is located that are against stance or extreme modifications to cars? Who knows but, I really don’t think I would sell my car because of it.

Stance Sion
For Sale Now
Only thing I can figure is that since this car has gone semi viral the owner is trying to cash in on the fast fame. I mean who else would want a car like this in the first place? Well except someone who wants a famous car so here it is on EBAY NOW

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