Never Guess what the Jet Car is made from?!


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Never Guess what the Jet Car is made from?! Well, you will have to read a bit to get the details cause it has been made from quite a few different cars. I did spec out a few before the builder showed up though.

What engine?

So you may be thinking what is this and so was I! So I hung out by it to get the details on Friday in Somerville NJ.

Guess the makeup
Unknown Jet Car

Speaking with the people standing around taking guesses at what it was and was made out of, I actually got 2 of the major pieces right!

I did not get a major piece of this Jet Car right, however 🙁 The pieces I got correct were the engine and transmission. The engine if you could not get a detailed enough look at is a 2JZ Supra engine that is mounted to what you may have guessed? A Subaru Impreza STi 6 speed transmission converted to a plain transaxle using a Factory 5 adaptor. The builder then made his own 2JZ to STi transmission adaptor plate to bolt them together!
The builder claimed it took around a year and a half to built this amazing vehicle. I asked him if he was a fabricator and he said no but, he could weld plus new how to build things. Obviously, he can build things looking at this Jet Car! What was that I just said? Anyway, the designer’s name is Dwayne Vance on instagram and I do believe he is in California?

The owner/builder told me this was only the 4th time he has driven it on the streets so far. He said his look at it is that the stranger the vehicle the less likely you are going to get pulled over. However, he does foresee being pulled over the more he drives His Jet Car creation 😛

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