NASCARS Darrell Waltrip gets his first V8 Super Car Ride


He is a wee bit scared 😛

So NASCARs Darrell Waltrip gets his first V8 Super Car Ride and he winds up a bit like when you take your parents for a ride in your first Hot Rod!

I somewhat like V8 Supercars as the form of racing that they do is a ton more exciting that NASCAR to me.

Ya see NASCAR is just a bunch of guys driving in circles as far as I’m concerned. Yeah the engine has to run at near top RPM for however many laps the race is but, it is still a turn left, turn left and maybe get a pit stop every so often 🙁

Nacar vs V8 Supercar
He looks a bit shocked at times
So then you come into the V8 Supercars and you get a lot more action to watch. You can get some downshifting and braking. You may be thinking OK big whoop they downshift just like NASCAR has to when they pull into the Pits.

Well, it’s a bit different as they are downshifting to enter turns. Better yet they can actually turn right! Yes, not just left straight left straight over and over again 🙄

Yes, they drive on the wrong side of the car obviously. Of course, they do not understand us driving on the left-hand side of the car but, we all know who is right when it comes to that.

That and it obviously has to be more exciting when you see the looks on Darells face doing some laps on the track as compared to just turning left all the time.

So just think about a V8 Supercar as compared to a NASCAR going around a track. Downshifting along with upshifting multiple times a lap along with all the braking going on. Then having to re-accelerate from a slow turn instead of just flat footing the throttle time after time.

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