Murder Nova doing daily driver duties at School


Yes the fastest can be used for chores

Yup Murder Nova doing daily driver duties at School. Not that Murder Nova is going to school mind you, nope it’s just being used to drop off the luckiest kid at that school obviously.

The Murder Nova can waist cars at the races and then drop the kids off at school the next day proving that it is a multi purpose vehicle
It can do daily driver duties

Yes I would have definitely wanted to be be dropped off at school in a wicked Drag Racing Nova not to mention that it is the world famous Murder Nova known not only as OKC street race killer!

Can the Murder Nova really pull off taking the kids to school?
Fast + Daily Duties

Heck this kid is so lucky getting to be dropped off at school by a celebrity car none the less. Have to wonder what the talk is in school since he doesn’t seem to be quite old enough to understand the whole street racer thing.

More of “my Dad has the fastest car” bragging to his friends as opposed to knowing what it entails in reality.

Then again in reality is it really that fast a car or is it all just TV hoopla to get you to watch the show 😕

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