Most interesting Orange County Chopper on Craigslist


Almost worth it

Most interesting Orange County Chopper on Craigslist was most likely some fabricators spare time build? I mean this would make a neat Pit Bike if I had a bit of spare money to pick it up.

OCC Bike

Just goes to show what can be found on Craigslist here.

I work in a fabrication shop so it would not be that big a deal for me to make something like this. Until you think about the amount of time vs the $100 an hour shop time we normally charge.

OCC Bicycle chopper
Front View
Plus another piece of the puzzle on building another bike like this. When searching I was finding Orange County Chopper bikes with asking prices in the $250 and up ranges.
Then you have to factor in the more than likely Harbor Freight engine price? That is if it is a Harbor freight engine as it does look different than what is listed?

So all in all the price for what it is really is not all that bad.

The engine for OCC
Engine HF?
OK, there are some pretty serious problems with it if you really want to look at it close up. Like the Bicycle style front brakes that just pinch on the front rim. How long would you expect those rubber pads to really last pulling this thing down from any kind of speeds?
Really not able to see the rear brake setup or what is really going on there. I mean for putting around in the pits or possibly at a swap meet you would not be very hard on the brakes.

Also, not seeing any cooling shrouds on the engine in the picture? So how is the cooling going to happen at putting around speeds? If any speed is needed to keep air over the cooling fins then there are going to be problems.

Could be the reason it is for sale?

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