Monster Centipede Truck


This would seem to be one of Russia’s massive investments and failures at same time 😕

Russian Generating Station
Russian Generating Station

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Tire view of Generator Station
Tire view of Generator Station Tire

I don’t know anything about it and anything you can find about this is by reading through the video of what they printed. Even if I had millions of dollars to pick these things up, I really don’t know how I could work on it because there is most likely not a single thing known about it 🙁



Centipedes of Russia
Centipedes of Russia



It would be cool to drive up to a County fair or a Mud Bog in something like this, definitely jealous stares when you show up driving this kinda beast 😯


Mobile Generator damage
No replacement parts available



For some reason Youtube took down the video for some form of copyright terms? Now it seems to be back?

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