Monster 4×4 PT Cruiser


I seem to see the oddest vehicles on the way home sometimes 😕

This day I was looking for some Chips that a local Exxon Tiger Mart had stopped carrying. The website claimed they where at a local deli in the location of this Monster 4×4 PT Cruiser.

Frame Swap
Wild Custom

I used to pass by the place this is located at years ago when I worked for a Dealership and delivered parts as we were the regional parts center on our section of the East Coast. There used to be interesting vehicles sitting at this lot al the time but, when I left that job I never went back here again. Well that was until today and I go to see the creation of someone that had a lot of time on his hands for the most part 🙄

Monster 4x4 PT Cruiser
Who woulda thunk it

From the little that I saw of this creation I was thinking even thought it has plates on it I seriously doubt it is going to be driven on the streets anyplace. You can see the body mounts holding the body onto what ever kind of frame was used. So it does not look like it will be able to take much off road abuse. At least not yet cause the creator could be adding more later on?

Who knows for the most part as this is something that I was not ever thinking of building anything like this myself that for sure. Although I do have a C4 Convertible Corvette that I thought of doing something like this too. I’ve seen lots of C3 Vettes done like this but, no C4’s done in this fashion yet. So at least I would have been a first doing it.

However I am doubting I will ever be seeing another Monster 4×4 PT Cruiser on the streets or in the mud bogs as far as I can tell?

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  1. William Henderson

    Well the pt cruiser is done and run mud competition Point Series in New Jersey look on mud in pines we take it every were

  2. william henderson

    well the pt mudder took 3 in the points series in it class

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