Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 isn’t the wildest


Yes as amazing as this is even

Mercedes Benz 6x6 doing a bit of deep water testing with witnesses
Water Testing

This Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 isn’t the wildest thing out there. Well not saying I would take one if you offered but, there are even more incredible Mercedes out there too!



A Mercedes Benz 6x6 getting a little bit of air in the desert
Getting some air
A bit of Mercedes Benz 6x6 drifting out in the desert
Showing some drifting

So a Top Gear test video had to be used as, because they just don’t seem to advertise this vehicle on TV much. At least not in the US they don’t. Dubai on the other hand might get something advertised in TV?



This Mercedes Benz 6x6 shows that it is capable of making hard transitions
No High Centering
This Mercedes Benz 6x6 can work with a very steep decline
Steep downhill

Besides to be sold in the US with the kind of fuel mileage this thing most likely gets it would knock them down a peg or to on there carbon credits. Then they would wind up with protesters or some other Hipsters complaining about it!

Now onto where Richard Hammond is quoting the interior is luxury fits as it is a Mercedes Benz and all. However I have had some time in a Hummer H1 and it was quite comfortable inside as well aside from a slightly stiff ride.
Mercedes Benz 6x6 is not the biggest Mercedes Benz in the Desert
6×6 isn’t the Biggest Benz
The Mercedes also has a lot of Horse Power to spare but, the H1 I was in was a 350 Alpha model and would actually chirp the tires on the 1st to 2nd gear shift it you had your foot down on it! So neither of these 2 vehicles would win a gas milage contest as far as I’m concerned.




This Nissan has more axles and tires than the Mercedes Benz 6x6
There are more axles out there
He then shows the tire inflation feature that it has letting you lower or raise the pressure on the fly. This of course being something that the H1 that I was playing around with also has factory installed. I did not get a chance to see just how fast it could inflate all 4 tires to compare it to the Mercedes 6×6 but, at that point in time the Mercedes didn’t exist and I can’t see into the future 🙁



This Jeep in the Desert is larger than even the Mercedes Benz 6x6
This has got it on everything

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