Mark VIII Hurricane Flood on Rt202 Bridgewater NJ


Mark VIII Hurricane Flood on Rt202 Bridgewater NJ

So last Hurricane of course took the power out. Nothing that could be eaten in the house of course as I wanted hot food since I didn’t have any heat in the house along with no light. Drive up Rt202 and see all the power is out on the strip malls so no go there.

So I go down towards Somerville and cross over the Raritan River Bridge and notice that IHOP is open 🙂 So I swing in but the kitchen is not open yet as the chef is not there. So I leave to go home and see if anyone else wants food but, nobody is home anymore.

Go back to IHOP and now the Chef is there so the kitchen is open now. Order my breakfast but, sit near the window so I can keep an eye on traffic plus how high the River is. Since it was just at the cresting point as I got there I kept my eyes on it. Anyway eat Breakfast and notice that the river is started to encroach over the slow lanes on Rt202.

So pay for my food and get out to see that the County Guy are starting block off the North Bound side of Rt202 heading in the Somerville Direction. So I jump in my car and hit the Jug Handle to catch the light. That way I can get over my section of the Bridge before they close it off. Seems I just did it in time as I could see the River rising up and swallowing the South Bound side of the bridge as I was coming to it. Got deep enough to put my muffler tips up water as I drove through it. I knew it wasn’t deep enough to drown my car as I was watching much smaller cars going threw it with no problems. Plus I had driven other Mark VIII’s through much deeper water before on Rt57. It was a once in a lifetime thing to drive a Mark VIII through a Hurricane Flood anyway :P

Mark VIII drives through Flood Mark VIII drives thru a large flood[/caption]

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