Mad Max truck built by Snapper and Frank


Mad Max truck built by Snapper and Frank as opposed to being built by the movie studios. Almost would have to figure as much though as it seems the Movie Production companies don’t have that much mechanical knowledge.

Rat Rod Mad Max
Rat Rod Mad Max

Once again this has been made by a bunch guys on the farm and not buy movie producer or production studio. Making the up coming Mad Max movie even that much more of a draw to me even though there will be no Mell Gibson in it.

Trying to tell what the truck is made out of is an entire challenge unto itself? Yeah it does seem to be some Studebaker there but they didn’t make a UTE so it is most likely a Holden with the rest who knows what? Hard to tell what the engine is but it is pretty killer looking no matter how you look at it. Thats if you like Rat Rods that is?

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