Mad Frenchmans 6 Cylinder Engine


Mad Frenchmans 6 Cylinder Engine

A quick view in the pits of the six-cylinder engine in the Mad Frenchmens Maverick at Island dragway NJ

Custom straight 6
Home Built 6 Cylinder

If I had known that Clem the owner of the Mad Frenchman car had handbuilt all the stuff on the six I would have taken some time to interview him or get closer details of the design:?

Even though multiple Carbs such as this look Hi Performance we have found on the dyno that not to be true. A system much like this was done on a Ford V8 engine on a Superflow Dyno and no matter how many times the technician from the company that sold us the Webber multi-carb intake tried, he could not get the Webers to make as much Horsepower as a Single 4 Barrel Holley Carb. Unfortunate I know cause the multi Webber look so cool but just can’t come close to a 4 barrel Holly on a Plenum intake.

However, on a Straight Six, a single 4 barrel might not be working as well as expected? Seeing you really do not have the room to fabricate the intake manifolds plenum would be my thought. Of course, now everyone would just put a Turbo on it over a Naturally Aspirated engine with Carburetors.

Since I originally took this video the owner has passed away, Rip Clem owner builder of The Mad Frenchman 🙁
It was also found that the original builder of this engine was in search of it. He contacted me to try to get information but, I did not have any, unfortunately. Then my video that was posted on a sight was taken down when Hot Rod bought the sight. I then found the Mad Frenchman’s car being brought out of storage to be sold here.

Small World it would seem now?

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