LumiLor Electric Paint Car


Next Big Thing in Paint as far as I’m concerned 😛

Electro Luminescent
Glowing Helmet

A LumiLor Electric Paint Car would be the Bomb so to speak not only at a car show but, anyplace you drive it at night for the most part! Just think about how cool it would be if the Police leave you alone?

Seeing as this is a fairly new Electroluminescent Paint there aren’t that many people out there playing with it just yet. However if you watch the Motorcycles with the custom paint and then just think of what you can do with a car or truck as the canvas it boggles the mind!
Custom Chopper Paint
Killer Chopper Tank

Can’t wait to see if other colors will come out soon or not. Then more into how it works so you can possibly make animation even somehow? Think about having a car as a giant TV screen at that point!

However I am getting way ahead of what will be possible here. For now we could have the entire side of the car blink so nobody can say they didn’t see your turn signals. Or have the trunk light up Red as a giant 3rd brake light even.

Time will tell 🙂

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