LS- swapped 1984 VW Rabbit at the SEMA Show.


A Rabbit I’ll drive!

This LS- swapped 1984 VW Rabbit at the SEMA Show is quite interesting to me on a lot of points. First I work in PA and want to check this shop out now. Second is my brother wrecked something like this VW Rabbit.

Had never heard of the “Young Guns” class for 27 years old or under class. Although I must say I like it.

Connor Hofford is the builder of this 84 Rabbit at what I believe is the right link Quality Custom Rides.

So all in all I both love and hate this car for a number of reasons.

Love it for what it is, an LS swapped custom-built sleeper/VW/Rod or however you want to consider it? I’ve ran into some people lately that built some outlandish vehicles such as this or even sicker. They give you quite a bt of inspiration that there is still a lot more things out there that can yet be done!

Now for the bad that I would get a lot of shit for pointing out.

When they do the video tour of the car there are a ton of details that are missed or ignored possibly do to trying to get it done in time for Sema.

Some of what I don’t like it the Dash because of the lack of gauges or anything? Yeah, a detail that is sort of a needed thing.

Then the pedals when the camera gets a view of the footwell. Nothing too special there but, again time constraints may have stopped him from going more custom?

The underhood piece that looks to be a piece of stainless possibly is kind of plain looking. I would have done individual pieces into the hoods webbing to break it up.

I could go on but, I still think this is an awesome project for someone that young and on a car that was a part of my family so to speak?

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