LS Saturn Meets Turbo LS RSX so Yes V8 FWD Turbo sleepers!


Hard to believe

LS Saturn Meets Turbo LS RSX so Yes V8 FWD Turbo sleepers! So now you never know what is driving around with a few hundred Turbo Horsepower that can take you out roll racing on the Highways 🙁

Turbo V8 FWD

Now I am not against any of this stuff, it’s just that I have has FWD V8 and Imports with NOS before.

Hidden Turbo
Beware this view

My V8 FWD was a 1981 Cadillac Eldorado so it wasn’t all that powerful but, it did have torque steer pretty bad. Import was a CRX with a semi-large Nitrous Oxide shot. So all over the place from a dig so to speak.

So rimbos_garage and standkes_garage on Instagram are the guys crazy enough to put the work into doing these creations 😯
My favorite is AWD with my JDM swapped WRX that got hurt.

However, it is now in the process of getting a iag solid deck engine that will be ready for some serious boost when I come up with the funds for a better rotated setup. Not here or there when it comes to these 2 cars, however.

LS swap the world
NA LS4 Saturn

Waiting to see some actual video on a track for either of these 2 cars yet? I still think it is funny that there is a use for a Saturn now since they are a dead company. I mean you have to be able to get these for junk money these days.
Also, nice to see people out there thinking of sticking V8’s in anything that will fit it! So, so much for not having any old F body Camaro or X body Nova’s to throw the new age LS V8’s into. Sort of like the saying “Life will find a way”.

Well, Hot Rodders will find a way to fit a LS V8 into anything that wasn’t meant to have one just because.

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