Little Omni that could…OG FWD No Prep Dodge wins


Old School Kills It

Seems this little Omni GLH takes out a lot of Hondas and other new cars at the No Prep drag event! Really have to think someone loves his old school Omni to want to build one to go out and dominate 🙂

Full interior
Interior of GLH

Not knowing much about this car almost makes it that much more impressive.

From what can be gained from this video it is all steel. Well everything except for the hood that could possibly be fiberglass if anything like that is even available for an OMNI?

GLH Burnout
Don’t see this much
Other things are its weight that is kind of heavy for what it is at 2800 pounds. From what is also said by the owner it is running a 54mm turbo, unknown anything else about the turbo though? No pictures of the engine compartment to get an idea of what brand it could be?

Then for the ECU he has chosen a MegaSquirt MS3. I personally like the MegaSquirt as we have had quite a few people that use them on our Podcast Power and Speed that is hosted on one of my other websites

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Also from the little bit of information we can hear from the owner would be that he has owned the Omni GLH for 12 years. Not only that but, he dragged it out of a farm field!

Hopefully, it was for free cause there is no way that I would pay for any Omni that was sitting in a field and had to be dragged out of it.

I mean even as a GLH it is still a lowly Omni that was pretty much a disposable car. Heck even when you look at the Civic CRX that was a fun Honda, how many do you see driving around anymore?

Any way you want to look at it this Omni is fast for the quoted 280 horsepower the owner claims it makes…

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