Little Big from Russia seems to have taken Die Antwoord out for weirdness


Uh is this odd or what?

Little Big from Russia seems to have taken Die Antwoord out for weirdness is not the half of it from what I am seeing here? The video that made me investigate then is in this post too.

So as you can see from the above video this band is really trying for the strange effect.

Now the above video of Die Antwoord originally took me as a surprise that I had not been aware of the band. I listen to anything from classics such as Cream, Zepplin or Black Sabbath. Then some Country music but, I am very selective about that with Hank III being the main staple.

So I like extremist style music with Dying Fetus being a staple in my listening world along with many Guteral styles of death metal bands.

Cumbeast is one that I caught a listen to I do believe on Sirius radio late on a Friday night. I consider the human voice more of a musical instrument when it is part of a band. So I do not particularly care if I can hear or tell what the singer is saying. His or Her voice is a part of the music as far as I am concerned. So I could really care less what other people such as Taylor Swift lovers say.

Matter of fact I really have to wonder about Taylor Swift and Katey Perry fans in the first place as I work with a few on a Podcast called Power and Speed.

Now I am not saying Little Big is something that is on my Pandora playlist. No not at all (even tho Die Antwoord is) but, as I said I look for music that pushes barriers musically sonically or just what I like that I am hearing.

I then have Peaches on my playlist too for some reason? As I said my musical tastes go all over with even some Psychobilly running in there too!

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