Lincoln Continental and 454SS


Lincoln Continental and 454SS

A Lincoln Continental in nice shape with a large Sunroof is getting cleaned up at the shop for sale. I thought this car would be a nice summer cruiser and then I was told it has a 302 powering it so it should even get decent gas milage driving around!

Lincoln Continental and 454SS
Lincoln Continental and 454SS

Then as we were cleaning it up a sweet 1971 454 SS Chevelle cruises on by!

Chevelle SS
Wish it was mine

Update on this clean Lincoln. It has been brought to my attention that it is now cruising around in Dubai as that is where the buyer lives! Talk about a delivery charge?!

Unfortunately the dealership I got a load of my content from is now closed up. Well not closed completely but, the location was sold and now they basically have all of the best cars in storage HERE. Most of the cars here are for sale. However, these cars are either very low mileage or have something that makes them very desirable.
A while ago some of the cars had some form of celebrity ownership or were just a one owner farm truck with ultra low miles and rare options. That farm vehicle would be a late 50’s Chevy truck with a side mount spare on the bed and an Automatic transmission behind a six cylinder engine. That was very rare from what I was told. Normally you could only get the Automatic behind a V8 engine and the engine was a Pontiac V8. Or that may have been if it was a GMC that received the V8 because it was a larger engine than Chevrolet had at the time? That engine would be a 389 I do believe?

Anyway back to the dealership at hand. They have obscure cars like a Pontiac Bonneville Hearse and even a Beaumont convertible from Canada in the list of rare cars!

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