Holy shiiiit! This Lexus ISF Twin Turbo is taking of..

Posted by Team Driftmonkey on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lexus ISF Twin Turbo getting Airborne


Not really the kind of car you see on the strip either?

Don’t know anything about this Lexus ISF Twin Turbo getting Airborne yet but, from what you see from this short vid it’s not good! Why would it have lifted mid track and get airborne?

Drag racing Lexus LSF lifts off drag strip

Sounded like it had some serious Horsepower under the hood that definitely doesn’t come stock with any Lexus. I know they are nice cars, at least the ones I see driving on the streets around me. Of course not are in the position to be pulling the front wheels off the ground or even be a car you would take to the strip.

I did see one years ago (Lexus) however it was a 4 door sedan with a Twin Turbo 2JZ power plant. I think it trapped 195mph and this was quite a few years ago. It was then wrecked a race or 2 after that so I never heard of it hitting the track again?

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