Landslide in Baltimore in action


Landslide in Baltimore in action

This is some awesome footage of the Landslide in Baltimore in action! I mean seriously what would you do if you saw this happening in front of your eyes?

Baltimore disaster
Cars parked wrong place

When I first saw this I wasn’t sure what I was looking at cause like most people I didn’t read the explanation. I just clicked on the pick thinking the cars got pushed over a ledge for some reason 😕

Matter of fact since it was all wet I was thinking maybe a big wave had pushed the cars over and edge or something like that?

Parked wrong
Cars on Edge

It happens to be a Landslide that took place on April 30 on 2014 and was published on May 1st. It happened in Baltimore and luckily enough it was filmed by Nicholas Nick Nico Reyes.

Not like I can get lucky enough to be around something like this cause I would grab the footage in a split second 😯

Landslide end
Cars are Gone

For instance I have a friend that shall remain nameless that lives in Manville NJ that was just flooded again this week on May 1st 2014. He just took a few pictures instead of grabbing video over of the flooded section on Manville 😕

He is trying to get more views on his Youtube account but, it missing out on epic footage of some natural disasters. Yeah it’s nothing quite as epic as this but, footage is footage and every bit counts. Another acquaintance took his Drone over it and took footage even though he didn’t go very far over the flood?

He just lifted vertically instead of doing a bit of a fly over to check things out for some reason? I have seen his footage of much longer flights so it doesn’t seem like he would be limited to the vertical take off and landing that he got?

It seems I need to get me a Drone Helicopter now to get some better footage on the next natural disaster that we get in New Jersey 🙄

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