Killer Hopping G Body War!


Not sure what I witnessed with these 2 G-Body GM cars hopping each other to death 😕 I mean is this the latest thing to do with Low Riders now?

Hoping War!
Hoping War!

The G-Body GM cars are pretty much my new favorite when it comes to car to use for Drag Racing or even Hot Street Car cause they hook up great! They even do look great as a low rider with Front Back and Side to Side but the Hopping really destroys the cars.

Then you look at this and think WTH are they doing to these cars 😯 I mean it is just destroying them. Sure there is no engine but from what can be seen they looked to be solid cars. Well solid until they first make contact and then it’s no holds barred for the most part.

They just destroy these cars and then at the end I don’t think I agree with who looks like they chose as a winner 🙁

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