Just your average ’57 Chevy Wagon 4×4


Just your average ’57 Chevy Wagon 4×4

Just your average 57' Chevy Wagon 4x4
Just your average 57′ Chevy Wagon 4×4

Yup ya see these things all over these days. Hey wait a minute no ya don’t! Matter of fact I had a friend that had a Nomad one of these all lifted and 4×4 with big Swamper tires but he never got it running and sold it off about 20 years ago. So this is now in 2012 and is looking pretty clean for the most part. Can’t wait for the Somerville car cruise to start so I can see this thing on Main Street so I can check it out up close.

Well bit of an update on this quite interesting custom. I did see it on Main Street during a Friday night cruise but it didn’t seem to be finished at the time. It had the front sheet metal apart for some reason at the time. It was sitting on Main Street so I was trying to figure out how on Earth he got it there? It is a rather large car cruise event every Friday night during a select time during the Summer.

All of Main Street gets Parked up with classics, Street Rods, Harleys, Trucks, Exotics and pretty much anything with Wheels that looks different. There are plenty of 4×4 creations that show up for the Friday night cruises. Some stock like a 440 Power Wagon that shows or some Willis early CJ’s or a cool Willis Pick Up that is lifted but, the truck is completely Rino Lined front to back.

Also some guy that has a big old Ford that is still driving around on 44″ Ground Hogs. It may not seem like a big thing except New Jersey put a Ban on large tires years ago. Not sure what the max diameter is at this point in time but, he claims to be grandfathered to still be able to have these tires on the streets ๐Ÿ˜•

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  1. http://nosleepatall.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_wacko.gif well it`s a 57 4dr.wagon ,kinda looks cool.

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