JUDGE Somerville Friday Cruise


JUDGE Somerville Friday Cruise

GTO Carousel Red
Awesome Restored GTO Judge

JUDGE Somerville Friday Cruise! As I said about this car in the 1st 2nd gear Burnout it is all perfect! All NOS parts were used to restore it back to it’s White Interior Perfection. Never really was a Pontiac fan until I saw this car up close. So now I have a Judge on the car wish list to look out for.

I work with the used car dealership that owned this car and sold it to the guy who restored it. It was an odd story as to how it got to the dealership as the owner of the car had already purchased all NOS sheet metal for the car as he was going to restore it. Through what we heard in the rumor mill the owner lost the car in a bet and who ever had the car then sold it to the dealership. The dealership has a love of all Pontiacs so they were most likely the first place thought to sell it to.

Of course the dealership had no garage or place to fix the car so it sat around on the lot for a while. Luckily the now owner so it sitting on the lot as he worked only about a block of so away. Anyway the new owner came up with the cash to buy this decrepit looking Judge at the time and took it home to fix up.

Luckily the new owner is beyond incredible at his abilities to restore cars. He even did this at his own home, not paying some shop to do the work for him or anything like that. I have been to his house and seen him working on his vehicles so I know it to be true. Last time I was at his place he had just finished a mid 60’s GTO convertible and was looking for another project to start on.

My dealership had 2 more GTO convertibles, one being a ’67 that was all together and able to run. The other being a ’66 but, it was a parts car at it’s very best. Not original engine along with only being a short block and being rusted being belief.

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