JDM GTR making 2 pulls on a DynoJet Friday Night


Right Hand Drive GTR

Real Deal JDM GTR making 2 pulls on a DynoJet Friday Night! Right-Hand drive so you know it’s not something you are going to see every day…

On DynoJet

I know the Nissan GTR is the new car to get that with just a simple tune will get you thrown out of the local Quarter Mile track.

However, when you happen to see or for the better part hear a JDM GTR that is easy to note because it is right-hand drive, you are in for a treat!

Yes the new Nissan GTR has stability control along with launch control. Plus a host of other things to make it more like a small luxury car in comparison to the older right-hand drive only GTR’s that are not imported into the United States.

The neat thing is it’s power plant which is a straight six instead of the V6 in the new US GTR’s. For the most part, I think the straight six sound so much better at full song that any of the V6 counterparts.

That and they feel so much smoother than the V6 even with all the newer balancing counterweights.

This was all done at Precision Tuning as you should be able to tell from the sign on the wall above the GTR. My JDM WRX STi is there awaiting the new IAG 2.7 engine to be installed. It is getting some nice ID Injectors and then will be on this DynoJet getting it’s tune for what Horsepower numbers I am unsure of as of yet?

Still has my smaller FP Green turbo on the engine when it should have something much bigger to match the stroker engine. Wish I could come up with the cash for a JDM GTR but, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards 🙁

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