Island Dragway Doorslammer Domination 5-21-2017


Island Dragway Fun

Island Dragway Doorslammer Domination with a few oddball races in the mix. When I say, oddball, I mean it with a PRIUS beating a tubbed Ford and then a Rotary powered Camaro making a failed run!

It was a surprising day to catch this race as it rained all morning putting of the racing until 4 pm instead of the 12 noon start time that was scheduled from the beginning.

Along with the time setback I told the Power and Speed Podcast owner I was not going to go as it seemed to be rained out 🙁 I eventually called a friend who lived up that way and he told me the skies are fine and he would go with me along with his daughters. So off I went and managed to chuck a front brake puck of the Autozone pads on the way 🙁

We pulled in around 5:30 or so and the qualifying/brackets were well underway. Was a bit hard to tell what class was racing at first seeing as it was Pro-Mod, Top Sportsman, Grudge racing & NETO. I was able to tell as the Pro-Mods are 1/8 mile 4.99 and I had an argument beforehand about Pro-Mods at Island.

The person was claiming that there was not enough shutdown room for Pro-Mods trap speeds. I had to inform him that they had an extra 1/8 mile of shutdown road by running 1/8 instead of 1/4. Matter of fact when I was last at Englishtown for the X275 races they ran 1/8 mile there too.

Aside from that, I did see a Prius actually pull up to the tree to drag race a Tubbed Ford and it won! Then shortly after that, a 68/69 Camaro pulls up with what had to be a Rotary in it. It made it’s run but, had a bad launch and by the time I got my iPhone8 out to video it, it was all too late and over with 🙁

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