Island Dragway Chucks Lemans run against Mustang


Went to Island Dragway to see friends car make the first Race of this year

Island Dragway Chucks Lemans run against Mustang that he pretty much beat right off the bat. Not bad considering the car wasn’t running at full throttle even 🙂

So been waiting to see this car make a run all year now. Owner picked up a new enclosed trailer and truck to pull it to the tracks this year.

So first race of this season Island Dragway in Great Meadows New Jersey was chosen as the place. Turned out to be an interesting day there as anything from Street Bike powered Quads to some pretty interesting Corvettes where making passes all day.

The Lemans got it’s first run beating the Mustang pretty much right off the line by the looks of it. However the ET, MPH and 60′ foot said otherwise. Even though it was less than optimal with the heat and humidity that Sunday it was still to far down on everything. So back in the pits it was not to long to discover that it was not going full throttle.

Lemans Island Dragway
Seamed like a good launch

It does have aftermarket parts with the cable and pedal assembly both having been replaced over the years that he has been chasing why this car does not go full throttle?

I may have to go take a look and see what can be done to fix this situation that has been troubling the car for a while 🙁 I used to have to remove my floor mats in my WRX as they would bunch up under the pedal but, I don’t think this car is bothering with floor mats 😕

Anyway you wanna look at it I would hate to be the Mustang driver and find out the car that just beat me wasn’t even at full throttle doing what it did 😛

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