Is this Nova the ultimate Yard Art


or will someone try to use it?

EBAY link Goliath

Seriously though is this Nova the ultimate yard art or what to a Motor head? Or is it Daddy Dave trying to get every bit out of his accident?

Rear view of what's left of Big daddy Daves Goliath
shell of Goliath
Big Daddy Daves Goliath is being sold off on EBay here
Kinda crunched
Big Daddy Daves Goliath totaled here on EVAY for sale

I kind of think f it was cheap that someone would bid on it thinking that they could fix it and race it. Of course they would claim it’s Daddy Daves car with writing on the car someplace?

Big Daddy Daves Goliath wrecked Nova here with link on EBAY
another view

not sure what will happen to it? Maybe the Hot Rod Museum or Big Daddy Don Garlits museum will wind up with it. About the only thing I can see it being good for 🙁

The remains of big daddy Daves Goliath Nova
It’s starting bid was $50 and I saw already there are 2 retracted bids. How much does anyone think it’ll sell for?

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