Incredible Canadian Police chase!


Incredible Canadian police chase!

Okay okay this is more than a Police Chase but, doesn’t it make you think this about this time of year?

Police Chase in Snow
Police Chase in Snow

It’s about what will happen to me if I try to drive today since it started to really snow today for the first time 🙁

Then again I don’t think I’m going to have the Police chase me today cause I didn’t do something stupid like this guy probably did 😕

Commercial designer probably got paid pretty good for this one 😛

Come to think of it I should make a commercial like this. I mean why not cause you get paid good money to do stuff like this and it can lead to so much more.

I know I can find a location by me fairly easily. I now have a few HD cameras to shoot the footage with so bonus on that. Car wise I am in with a antique car dealership so I have a large selection of vehicles to choose from for various scenarios that may be scripted 😕

OK the weather would be out of my ability to change like this commercial has done. Well that is if they even had anything to do with the weather? Getting better at video editing for making special effects so it makes me think more and more about doing something like this 😛

Heck watching some of these stupid TV shows and how horrible they are a TV show is not that far off either. Especially some of these Barn Find shows that are starting to come about being filmed and put on the air 😯

They are just plain horrid like the “Car Prospector” where the guy puts a Ace of Spades card under the windshield of every car he finds 🙄

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