In Car Footage of Lower Ball Joint Breaking on Mark VIII


Had GoPro working when Drivers side Lower Ball Joint Broke this time 🙁

Yeah there is a lotta racket on the In-Car Footage of Lower Ball Joint Breaking on Mark VIII cause the GoPro was tapping against the windshield a bit on the rough roads.

This failed Ball Joint Repair Page

Aside from that I had just put a new Ball Joint on the Passenger side as it had broken last month. I got the new tools to replace it but then this happened 🙁

Harbor Freight
Tool Couldn’t take it

Just got the replacement tool from Harbor Freight the day before and was going to replace the driver’s side joint. Got called into work when I thought I was going to have the day off, however. Bitched about it when I came into work but the Boss says “Oh like it was going to break today or something”?

Well, it went from not squeaking or making any noises on the was to work to creaking on the way home. Then at one point the steering got really hard making me think it needed power steering fluid or something. However now thinking about when the other joint broke, it did the exact same thing. Steering got real hard cause the ball joint was pulling out of the cup making it super hard to steer.

So right after it did this again it only took me a short bit of driving on a slightly rough road before it popped out 🙄

Last time it broke the joint coming to a stop at a light in Old Bridge at 11:30 PM. Making it 3:30 in the morning by the time it was towed home. This time I was going about 35mph when it broke yet it really wasn’t that uncontrollable. Pulled over to let traffic go by and then pulled up to a wider section of road so the rollback would have room to pick me up after I called Triple A.

Broken Front End
If I could only make it stay looking this low?

Driver dragged it up on the bed and couldn’t believe what had happened to my car. Last time it was a royal pain the get the car off the bed since the car tries to roll over the wheel cause it is no longer attached on the bottom. So I had picked up a Car Jack for just such an occasion luckily and it proved worthwhile in the long run 😛

Just Wrong
Stanced the Hard Way

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