How to prove a Raptor is Junk


Yeah you pay a small fortune for this off road package Ford and what does it prove?

Well this How to prove a Raptor is Junk was not hard to do at all. I mean I did something similar in the late 1980’s and it made it home from the jump at least 🙄

I see Raptors on the way to Port Newark with bent frames all the time. You would have to think that there are not to many people out there that are jumping a 50G truck like a Baja Buggy out there? Well if they are not doing something like this with them then how are they bending the frames 😕

That and Ford put out a service bulletin about the frame issue or was it insurance companies that did that? Either way you want to look at it I did something like this way back in the late 1980’s. However I used a real Ford 1969 F100 2wd with a Mercury 390 in it to jump out of a back woods trail.

Raptor frame bend
Air Bags going off

Truck went straight up in the air then rotated and came down on the front end bending the frame. Knocked the battery loos and besides the bed being a bit off to the cab body lines as I said I drove it home after I put the battery back in.

Yes I didn’t have air bags in a tuck that old or anything like this new Ford Raptor did. However my old Ford F100 didn’t have 8 inches of suspension travel like a new Ford Raptor does that claims to be a Pre Runner setup from the factory. Then again even as a pre runner I seriously doubt anyone would be dumb enough to try to jump 90 feet with anything that is not a pro built real Baja style truck 😕

I mean seriously what did they think was going to happen after they jumped a Crew Cab Raptor over a jump like this 🙁

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