How to Bump Fire without a Bump Fire Modified Gun


It is easy enough

How to Bump Fire without a Bump Fire Modified Gun seems easy enough? So now that someone has mass killed people and has made a simple addon come under scrutiny, this shows that it can be done without modifications!

No modifications
Bumpfire a stock rifle

I had seen this years ago, you do not need to modify a gun to make it an auto fire!

You can also do this with a simple enough to make at home piece of wood! Yes, it will not be as accurate as a single shot or a Bumpfire possibly but, it does what it does.

So yes it is not a targeting type of firing at all. It is a spray and pray that you hit the target intended. However, it goes to show that the bumpfire stock is not the culprit here. It is just a tool that lets you do what can be done with no modifications if a person wishes to do so.
Make Pistol Atomatic
Simple Bumpfire rig

Now there are going to be bans on Bumpfire stocks or new laws claiming to make someone a suspected killer for owning one. Of course how many are out there at present with no mass killings.

The problem is people have serious issues and will always find a way to kill people. If guns are banned they will still be able to get a gun. If Bumpfire stocks are banned they will still be available but, why as can be seen from these videos?

You can make any weapon automatic with just some simple thinking about how to do it. Try to ban guns and they will still be available. However, just to the criminals because we all know that they aren’t going to think it’s illegal so I just cannot get one.

Kind if like drugs, they are illegal but, somehow addicts seem to be able to get their hands on anything they want?!

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