How and why is this thing still running?


That and why drive it?

How and why is this thing still running? That is the question or questions that really need to be asked if you see something like this driving down any roads!

Demolished Car
How just How

The only that that is listed as information on the YouTube page this is listed on it “Unbelievable! Only in Pakistan”.

Then you see multiple people on what looks almost like Mopeds driving on both sides of the car (I use the term CAR loosely). I don’t know about you but, when I see a car with just an odd dent on a rear quarter like the driver didn’t look in his side view mirror and may have hit another persons car? Well I kind of keep away from said car in traffic. These people are driving right beside it not knowing if something is going to fly off the car much less the driver just going ape and crashing through whatever is in his way 😯


Talk about run flat
How has it not come off?

Now even in Pakistan you would have to think that this is not going to be a legal vehicle to drive around. Not only that but, why would you ever want to? Except on a Dare or extreme bet cause I have driven some pieces or crap before. Just nothing to this extent ever.

Wreck in traffic
Would you pass it?
It brings to mind the old phrase “That will Buff Right Out” but, there are a few pretty good posts on the YT page too like these.
YouTube comment
Show Me—
BAE come over
You saw this coming
Funny clips from the page this originated from I would say.
Anything you can think that would be a funnier comment to seeing this driving on the road still? I could think of a few off-hand, can you…

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