Honda Civic Drags new Camaro


Not the biggest fan of Honda’s or the Civic model either. Matter of fact I have seen a few all motor Civics break into the 9’s at Englishtown Raceway Park before.

Quick Civic
Quick Civic

Other than this vid watching a Honda race a new Camaro, something I have seen many many times. Years ago, no almost a decade ago now there was a Civic Bubble that was pulling 10’s on street radials and was in the 9’s if he put the slicks on the front 😯

So like I have been trying to say I know of many fast Honda’s and they just don’t float my boat. Especially with all the late wetting and having to wait for track clean-up all the time when they break. If it sounds like I’m prejudiced or something I probably am? I have had 5 Honda CRX’s so it’s not like I have no idea about them. I just hate going to E-town and only getting one run in cause a Honda broke and it took forever to clean the track 🙁

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