Henney Kilowatt Found in Yard


Henney Kilowatt Found in Yard

Henney Kilowatt
Henney Kilowatt

Yes a one of 5 cars known to exist has been found languishing for 20 years in the yard waiting to be saved 馃檪 If your thinking no it’s a Renault Dauphine you’re somewhat right. The Dauphine was chosen as the body and chassis donor for this rather interesting first popular electric vehicle 馃槙

Eureka Co. owned the Henney Motor Co which produced the “Kilowatt” and this is the later 72 volt model that could do 60 Miles Per Hour for over 60 Miles back in a time that Electric cars were not thought of as a useful or needed thing.

French National Anthem Horn

This car has very few miles on it’s odometer and has been sitting for around 18 or 20 years waiting to be rescued and restored if you dare. Why if you dare, because it is all original and a car can only be original once 馃槸 Yes the batteries are all split and destroyed. So that is an obvious part to be replaced but interior is quite good. So to restore or to just clean up is the questions 馃槙

Update on this ultra rare find. It seems that it has been sold to someone that has already owned and sold one. It seems he purchased this one to sell to Jay Leno. However Mr Leno has not been returning his calls so he asked us to contact Jay about the car 馃檮 Yeah sure we will just hit Speed Dial to tell him to come on down to pick this car up, oh and by the way bring Cash 馃懣

So the car is still sitting at our lot waiting to be picked up by the owner that lives about 7 or 800 miles away and doesn’t seem to interested in coming to pick the car up 馃槙

Update as the car was finally picked up but, not by the owner. Nope was picked up be a car delivering service that was basically a guy towing a trailer behind his pickup. Unsure where it ended up at this point in time as I heard that it was supposed to go to a Miniature Car Museum in Ohio possibly? Unsure if it made it there or not 馃檨

Could this be the Henney we found and sold?

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  1. Can you contact me about this Henney Kilowatt? I am interested and would like to know the asking price, also the model year 1960 or 1961. Thanks, Don – dc.lmtd@yahoo.com

    • Hello, I asked yesterday and if I remember correctly it is a ’60 with the 72 volt motor. Asking price I am not positive on as it has sold but the buyer is very far away and is now selling it from the lot that it is sitting at. To many details to go into on this blog but, yes it is still for sale and I will try to get the price.

  2. Since I posted this one that Mainstreet Motors LLC became owners of, there seemed to be a lot more than the 4-8 still in existence?

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