Hardtail Custom Triumph


Walking down Somerville Main Street.

I get to see this Motorcycle that caught my eye and for good reason, it would seem. How many Triumphs do you get to see with the hardtail treatment and a Springer front end?

Hardtail Bobber Triumph at Somerville car cruise
Hardtail Truimph

Not often do you see a Triumph with a Hard Tail frame. Then again it’s not normal that you see a Triumph custom period not to mention how radically customized this one is. Almost think it would be a Chopper at the point this one has been customized to. I obviously like it as I would not have stopped to take a video of it if I wasn’t

So since I saw this Triumph at the Somerville car cruise on one Friday night years ago, I do not think I have seen it again? Kind if a shame because I would like to talk to whoever owns it and get a bit of information about it, or the owner?

Again at the Somerville car cruise there are all sorts of custom bikes that show up. Anything from a Boss Hoss with both small and big blocks to some serious custom Choppers that I cannot understand how anyone could pay so much for? Of course, the one custom Chopper was owned by a SnapOn truck owner so that kind of puts it in perspective a bit.

We even got not one but, 2 Hayabusa stretched swingarm pro street bikes the one night. Both the same color to boot! One came with a girlfriend on the back of the bike so pretty obvious it’s not a real drag bike. Anyway, that is just a bit of an idea as to the kind of Motorcycles that show up at this cruise. That is not even mentioning the amount of Baggers and other Harley-Davidsons that line up the streets on cruise night.

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