Hardcore Burnouts at ProFab Show!


Burnouts are payment to the show

Hardcore Burnouts at ProFab Show! Awesome selection of cars really trying to destroy the tires for a one day show on a back road 😯


You have all sorts of cars and Trucks 😕 trying to out do each others burnouts to win cheers from the many people that show up to this small twice a year event. While Corvettes do some real good burnouts there is anything there from trucks such as Lightning’s the Ferrari Enzo’s and pretty much any other car you can imagine?

Anything from a Ford Lightning that does both forward and backwards tire smoking burnouts to multiple older and newer Corvettes. Plus a Mustang Coupe and a stroker Hemi Barracuda. Then a 440 Challenger and even a late 60’s Pontiac Firebird torturing the tires 🙂

So this is just a short video compilation of the insane stuff that went on a Pro Fab. On my site is a much much larger video or longer I should say. It has out lot more action and including the safety scalable Corvette being abused to death. Okay, not to death but you’d think it was as he just thrashed that car beyond belief. Then you have a lot more cars just being abused. Pontiac Firebird’s Chevrolet Camaro’s even a front engine dragster lighting up the tires.

It’s a fairly insane show considering how unknown it is. The only way I found about it was because I was told about it otherwise, I would’ve never have known about it. It did have some problems as some jerk that moved from the city to the street called the police complaining about the burnouts. he claimed it upset his wife. The only people that I saw that were upset or the people at the show themselves after he came there yelling them.

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