Front Engine Dragster at Island Dragway


You don’t see many of these anymore unless you go to Old Time Drags 😕

So saw this Front Engine Dragster at Island Dragway trying to start up in the staging lanes and something told me I should watch it make a lap.

When the starter was using a squeeze bottle to try to prime the engine he wasn’t quite using enough to get the engine to light off.

Then when it started it was very mellow and quiet 😕

Survivor Dragter
Needs RPM on launch

Have to wonder what kind of compression this engine is running or what cam shaft cause this engine just sounded lame for some reason? Almost wonder if this engine was built for a Supercharger and they are running it with a Hillborn setup instead?

I used to have what looks to be the same intake setup. Had it for almost 20 years but, just never bothered to use it. Pretty much for the reasons you see when this car tried to make a run. He really needed a lot more RPM on launch to get it to go anywhere. It has no accelerator pump shot so launching it by flooring it from idle will do what you saw in the video 🙁

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