Freightliner 16v92 V16 Detroit Diesel


Doesn’t get bigger

Freightliner 16v92 V16 Detroit Diesel that looks like it should be a factory option under the hood. Although this is a somewhat famous truck that most will recognize in the trucking world.

V16 Detroit
Dream Truck

I am not a truck driver in the articulated world. I drive a 16-foot van with an attic over the van cab powered with a Duramax.

It’s over 12,000 pounds so I still have to get a Med Test so I can drive over state lines but, I would love to drive a Freightliner with a Detroit 16v92 V16 powering it!

Just imagine the loads you could pull with a powerplant like this up front! Not only that but, the sound that it must make is even more of the reason to have it 😛

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