Floating Security Camera I was thinking is fake but?


This could be cool.

So I saw this Floating Security Camera I was thinking is fake but, after watching the video it seems like it could very well be a killer product!

I have a “Cheaper” security camera straight from China that was less than $29.

Security Camera
Floating Camera

All in all, I cannot complain about what it is. It does exactly what it needs to do along with good infrared viewing in the dark. I even lets you record what it is viewing to show people on your cell phone later in a storage file. However, it is not silent about it if someone is in the room thinking they are alone and not being monitored.

Now this floating security camera almost looks like one of those catalogs that show floating gimmick toys to keep the kids busy. However, it doesn’t seem to be fake and would be an excellent silent way to see what is happening in a room when you are not there!

Now aside from it floating on its magnetic base that also charges it at the same time while making it a very interesting piece to show off to your friends, it can also be taken with you!

The Magnetic base on the camera then lets you stick it to a steel or ferrous piece to view from there. If you need to charge the battery away from the base you can use a supplied USB C port cable to charge it up away from home.

So while it is not a sub $29 piece of security equipment that you would have sitting around in the shop, it is more something that you would have in the office or your living room to show off to friends, family or customers to prove how ahead of everyone else you are!
ir laser
Moon 360 degree Security Camera

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