Flame Throwing 900HP Supra!


Love these cars for a ton of different reasons. One of them being my Tuner has one in the upper Horsepower range but I don’t think he has even looked at it since he got his GT-R 🙁

Supra Backfire!
Supra Backfire!

So if I happened to get a Supra for some reason I don’t know that I would want to go full drag vehicle with it? It would be a real fun car to drive on the streets but with a 900HP engine I think it would be a bit of a dog for just cruising around. The lag would be more than a bit massive without launch control and shooting flames out the exhaust on the street is a sure fire way to get some tickets from Police that just don’t understand.

Putting on a fire show on the streets is a nice way to shut up the posers and wanna be guys always talking a load of BS.

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